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Some of the earliest questions of childhood are “why” and “how”, and the desire to take things apart to understand how they work is innate. To satisfy that desire Enigma NZ brings you a range of puzzles and dice, opening up a world of family fun and games.

Through disentanglement, interlocking and trickery our puzzles challenge your logical thinking and dexterity.

The satisfaction of solving our puzzles will make you a puzzler for life and on the quest for more!

We are always looking for new puzzles and products to enhance the ranges and would love you to share your comments and ideas with us on our Facebook page – Come and be part of the Enigma NZ community.

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Hanayama works with the best designers worldwide to design challenging and satisfying puzzles. All puzzles are tested before they are dispatched so are guaranteed to work. All dice and counters for enigmanz.com are manufactured in the UK and surpass all EU safety and quality standards - these are first class products.